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Elizabeth Kerr, LCMHC


A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

My passion is with working with adults and older adolescents who are struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives. I work primarily from a whole-person model, looking for the most complete picture of your strengths, current limitations, and the many other diverse components that make us up as human beings. It is my firm belief that my role is to be a guide and compassionate presence, not an expert or an advice-giver.  

Before I became a therapist, I completed a Master's in Religious Studies from UC-Santa Barbara, where I focused on existential, postmodern, feminist, and queer theory. After completing my MA I transitioned to being a therapist. It is a very lucky thing to find myself in a field with the confluence of instinct, intelligence, empathy, and fulfillment.

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in NC, and as a therapist I have 11 years of counseling experience, including crisis counseling, substance abuse settings, private practice, and volunteer work as a rape crisis counselor and domestic violence advocate.


I believe in stories. I was raised on stories when my family gathered for holidays and reunions. These stories were long and rambling, sometimes about relatives long-gone, but they were always captivating. I know how stories can hold you, can transform you. And how they can define you. I want to hear the stories you tell about yourself, about your own history, and who you are, and how you became that way. Your stories might have led you into warm kitchens with smells of food, or up to the edges of stormy cliffs, through relationships for better or worse, or down long solitary trails, but, hopefully, as we work together, they will lead toward the places and people where you can flourish. 

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